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Tropical Island Screensaver

Tropical Island Screensaver Collection

Enjoy a lush island scene screensaver on your PC. Relax in comfort as the waves roll in, clouds drift along, and tropical fish swim by. Features dynamic bubble and fish generator, monitor diming, and audio on/off, with vivid split view. Available in 2009 for Windows XP & Vista.

Recommended 3.0ghz P4 or equivalent or greater processor

Future Premium Screensavers:

Tropical Island Screensaver, Tropical Beach Screensaver, Coral Reef Screensaver, Saltwater Aquarium Screensaver,
Koi Pond Screensaver, Freshwater Aquarium Screensaver, Lush Mangrove Islands Screensaver, Tropical Jungle Screensaver, and more!

Free Screensaver Products:

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Dream Aquarium - Motion Sample

Dream Aquarium - Try it today

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